for I myself only

Today is 17.01
Well, let’s say I’m good at keeping promises while have them attached on some writing post
New year here and I …

Today is 17.12
So it’s 11 months from the last time I said stuffs, and
I’m still clumsy in French, I got on well with pixiv and tumblr, they’re entertain sites, who can’t be? I quit fb, feel so relax but then I spent a large amount of time on playing games. I didn’t see my relatives much this year, but I did live happily so it’s better spend time for what I love not what disturb me

and yes
I underestimate my laziness on so many levels

Today is 03.01

I said to myself, for the sake of my future
1. NOMORE POKEMON, nomore until I finally hear there are emulators so good to play all the games thoroughly (that is truly a long time though)
2. if tumblr, then quit fb (or vice verse, since no one can do 2 as good as 1)