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Gen IV: Heartgold and Soulsilver freeze on emulator

by FB

I still remember the precious time with Pearl, Diamond, Platine and the remakes of gen II

But to repeat the title once more time: you can never play Heartgold and Soulsilver on No$gba nor any emulator because is gonna crash and freeze before you can reach to the 1st gym. And NO, NO action replay code will help you, so needn’t find them.

Instead, why don’t search for PerfectHeart and PerfectSoul at pokemonproject (I’m sorry I don’t really remember the website name but Google will help you the most) and try the desmume emulator (I think any version will do but the later the better)

Search for it, the person created PerfectHeart and PerfectSoul will give you the best instruction to install the games and also the advance of playing gen II’s remakes without got some freeze or crash


Pokemon trade using emulators experiences, trust me, I played them all

by FB

I started play PKM since 3 years ago, about 2011 or something, so this post can (cannot) be that out of trend though

Gen I & gen II: the emulator you need in trading is probably TGB_Dual, VBA might be a good emulator to play on since it won’t suddenly go freeze but can never be use to trade, the same goes with VBAlink. So to trade between gen I & II, stop searching for any go with VBA or else you waste your time.

I use TGB_Dual and it works amazingly, also, to stop TGB from freezing, “don’t ever minimize its windows”, if you want not to see the windows at that time (coz someone suddenly go to the room or idk), just open another window, anything to hide the TGB_dual window, but don’t ever minimize it

You just go to the pokecenter, prepare what pkm you want to trade and ask for the clerk at the right (gen I) or the back at 2nd floor (gen II), you probably know it too well now ;3
Also, the in-game trade option is different between two gen so you might get a bit clumsy at 1st but don’t worry, it gonna be too well though

Gen III: so remember I said you can never use “VBA” to trade between gen I & II, well, now you can use it for gen III easily. Just make sure
1. your VBA version has a Link option at the Options (of course), then open two window of your gen III that you want to trade
2. check wireless adapted
3. 1st window: Options> Link> Setting> tab General> check Network; tab Server> check TCP> press Start
2nd window: Options> Link> Setting> tab General> check Network;tab Client> press Connect

trade freely all the pkm you want; however, the gen III will ask you for being the host or the guests, choose to be the host first will be easier

I haven’t trade in gen IV and are planning on trade in V
you might not success at the 1st attempt but try it again, make sure you use the right emulator and all the things, I’ll update the trade in gen V as soon as I can get it out clearly

Good so much luck