If only no degree is needed when one goes search for a job

by FB

That is what I am thinking right now. Like, all you need is your pros and cons and your experiences one the field that you’re going to work in.

I want a sustainable job, and a major number of all the jobs listed online are mostly ask for at least a good qualified degree. For example, I recently go to a learning language online website, Duolingo. They ask for their volunteers to have qualification on the language the volunteers are going to contribute in. I mean, what can you do to show your fluency in your own mother tongue if not for smoothly communicate to your people. I myself a Vietnamese, I’ve been using the language my since I was born up till now; and to be honest, I never imagine having any certificate that I’m fluent in Vietnamese.

Moreover, most students graduated from their school or university are pretty novice in their field, and they need to get experiences. I believe most company don’t give much hope on the newbie; but, if you are not willing to try things out, how can you think a novice like us could ever show off out experiences.

All I want to say it, to me, showing you able to get a job is hard, but getting a job is even harder. Some enterprise may ask for unrealistic things from their employee.

So yeah, brace yourselves! Recruit season is coming!!!