Wardrobe Essentials Worth the Investment

by FB

The Laurenge


I recently asked one of my favorite stylists what pieces are worth investing in. She said:

1. A Leather Jacket

Even the most casual outfit with a white tee and jeans will look a lot more put together if you throw a leather jacket over.

Zara Biker Jacket

2. Black Jeans

These are essential. They’re perfect for transitioning from day to night. She recommends Acne or Rag & Bone. However, I’ve found an alternative that a few Youtubers have raved about. Still not cheap but it’s better than having jeans that will lose their shape and color in the long run.

AcneTop Shop

3. A Classic Bag

She recommends one with a shape that isn’t too trendy. There are so many options. Designer bags are up there on my “things to buy when I get a stable job” list. For now, I guess I’ll stick to a structured…

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