Correct your papers or what, mostly is what :v

by FB

There are times you have to write somethings former, and you have to use so much academic words. Suddenly you just forgot how to write those words, what to do now, freeze at the very moment? try to make your brain work on that missing piece of pie? Let say, that almost people tend to do in the situation. However, that cost you more time than you could imagine, and in an article or an important entrance text, some minutes are worth a fortune. In this situation, I tell you

First, according to myself experiences, one usually have to read very fast through a paper to catch the topic. Then, if you make mistake in a word, make them hardly to recognized, too. How? Since people read fast, they will make sense of some first letter and some last ones, and also you make mistake on some academic words, remember, write the affixes as correctly as you can, those letters at middle, make them long enough. No matter this professor read your article careful the second time or not, he or she’ll recognize not a thing
Ex: characteristified and classified, what’s wrong now?