28.02: last day of Ferbuary

by FB

So my dad went for a trip to K’Bang about days a ago :v kidding, just yesterday :v

Ok, since I had skipped this so long a time, some of my on-going projects should be done before the April.

First, it’s an idea for the 2rd year assignment which need to call back some creatives :v.
1. For the parody of “Why did the chicken across the road?”, I’m thinking about “Why the cat climb the areca?” It’s way too hilarious and should not be on my first test yet I’ve no idea on writing it :v
2. What about “Why da young smoking like hell” sound like the topic of hundred years ago. However, since hardly anyone chose it, I should make a mark here :v
3. One word “History” ta-da but I will drive it to comical or something
4. I’m thinking of “The benefit of adore police French” … kidding :v

Secondly, uproot the lilies and spare some room for the plum, I don’t really it can survive or something, I don’t wish for its drupes, just hope that tiny pot will have enough place for the tree. Then wish me courage and fancy enough to have that tree be rooted. (Me so polite :v )

3rd, I don’t desire for sticking with the computer and the touch phone play gameboy all the time that I should spare for my on-going projects. Let’s the touch phone free when I’m home and the comp be rested at 3 p.m.