First post for 2013

by FB

Chère moi-même,

no, this’ just not a scheduled post as usual
«Chère moi-même, aujourd’hui j’ai 7 ans et je t’écris cette lettre pour t’aider à te souvenir des promesses que je fais à l’âge de raison et aussi te rappeler ce que je veux devenir… »

so long I don’t write any article, it seem like I have no muse on writing when my live is so disturb in its very steps.

The quote above, I bring it from a movie that wrote. First, I didn’t like it at all, just watch because of the beloved language. It turned out the movie really great itself (sorry, I’m bit a gobbledegook) The child at seven and Simon look cute, as usual, I’m fond of cuteness, the histoire de Magaret seem like me now, the way story went from viewpoint of a seven child is humorous and sarcasm at the same time, the camera point to beautiful corners have its charm, etc. While watching the movie make me feel like writing then now I’m wordless, pity one waiting me all the time :)). No really, I’m amazed with Sophie Marceau, she’s lovely as how world should be. She has a photo in my French book and it has been the most sweeties photo of her I ever seen till now

Adding, I’m playing Pokémon Red, Silver and Crystal, if you accident doing now, have a link to me cause I need do some trading, s’il te plaît!

btw: I’m eating corn bake in electric oven, it taste really good, in fact, it’s mouth-watering, you should try when feel some disturbs 😀