To the hometown and beyond

by FB

Mr.Areca, he has no muse on blossom now, then we have to wait till May or June next year, he may think it over 😉

The loofah, he greens all the first three months of summer, then he will be burned down by the July’s sun, it’s annually. However, this year was a little too much rain, show he still greens 😀

I used to think she’s a jasmine, but now I think she’s a bride I don’t know, wear the most whitest dress you can dream of.

and here the big guys near her, his scene is so nice, you’ll spend forever sitting under his shade

From my grandma windows.

I try to imagine there was a ghost like Sadako walked out there at night but it just impossible. Why! It was the lunar mid-months moon shined and the garden look as beautiful as a dream, how come a ghost hate that

Bigger than a duck, smaller than a goose, what’s your name, my delicious dish? =]]

It’s pitiful I don’t know her name, my mom always cut her down and place her on the ancestor altar.

She can blossom as she willing to just now because of the morning rain, It was simply heavy

At least, there was somethings you’d love to smell then eat her all, especially at the next mid autumn festival 🙂