Why have to be so mean?

by Dobato Darling

She is a Cruella de Vil

No, she even worst than that, because Cruella de Vil may said gently sometimes but that woman, she not even one in her whole life time know where she’s living.

She compares you to any other, Yes! any other, either good or bad

What she says may torture you to dead, she kills people by her tongue, I can say.

She makes you think you do live because of her, you’ll never runs out of her shadow.

Why? because her words make everyone, everything better than you. She a tell-tale, what make different even she’s old enough to stop doing that *laugh*. She could change, she just not willing to do.

I always wish if someone could have a sudden death because of what they have just said. But then I think about the second chances, sometimes, then I’m regret, they should all have died.