by Dobato Darling

Dear my very one that I can’t apart

How I could say I’m so disturbed when I realized:

You, the one live at almost half way around the Earth, stuck in a little house. The only could make your fascinating go up is always an old computer. You play, read, watch, and what’s like, just by looking on a screen. Your eyes much more bigger but not more beautiful… No, just kidding. But, you patient, you’re waiting in patient, wait for the day that you could run away from that place. YOU wish to be ME.


I, live here, half way around the Earth from you, wander around but sometimes run for life just like everyone else
Always wish we would not apart
Always know that your soul’s running at the other side of the screen.

My dearest
Remember, I’ll sent you a letter. When I write it, you don’t know your future and happy in your silent life. When I send it, your hands may quiver, you may tremble like you wish the time can’t past away. But when you know the result, I don’t know if you’ll receive my letter before of later, I hope you could open it after you know the result, you should listen to me.

I love you even you think yourself a coward
You’ll know what to do without me, that mean you very strong.
I’m waiting here to get you home