by FB

I just known my final speaking mark

and some words to say


What ‘da hell?

Does your heart made from stone?

Didn’t you moved when hear my canorous voice that made you smiled happily?

Don’t you notice RV is the best friend ever ever after that you could have on your rustle life?

Why do you have to be so mean?

Anyhow I have a horoscope that only right at the end of day

You might feel a little gloomy today, Virgo, and perhaps have no idea why.
It might be a good idea to retrace your steps for the past day or so.
Look within to find out if anything you may have seen could have awakened unconscious memories from the past.
What a relief if this is the case.
Release the traumas from the past and you’ll feel like a heavy weight has come off your shoulders.

Well, it’s not a foretelling if I see it in middle of the day, or anytime in light.