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Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.

Marsha Norman

I hardly recognize it was the 13 not until I search day for the post.
Well, as usual, 13 is an amazing number that always make my life different, neither good nor bad, but difference.

    Those rather stupid questions that you could ask one on a bastard day ever after.
    What are yours brains made from, TOFU?
    Dammit, you hardly thought a thing before asked! I make my life in the shape I want not that fucking mold you waiting for. I’m serving you, dear, you just need to full your mouth then get away, you badass.


I wish one day my life would be exactly like RV’s life.
Without the same things I have to face every making me fed up with, I’m free on that meadow of the very-far-land.
Without any relation that I have to see, I’m free of “You have to bla bla bla”.
Without this fucking old, I’m free in that new world that I would spent whole life to die for it.