04.05: James, one more time

by FB

Well, last Friday, C saw James when she went to canteen for a cup of tea. He was eating a burger, Er, James.. because you super cutie, I will say you ate like a hamster. Yeah, he was eating like a starving hamster, in the cutest way, as we all-fangirls imagine. C was so amazed at that that she had became speechless not untill she back and told us all. 5 minutes after, he suddenly passed by, as usual, and… well, I must say he understand clearly Vietnamese … he said ‘HI’ while look in our room. Later one teacher came to classroom then said the other class will study at that room because they need the projector. Well then, we need to move to 2nd floor. James stood next to the door, he said Sorry to each of our class.

Thanks, but you needn’t to! 😀

And that repeated exactly today.

After the 1st shift, I came to WC to wash my face, it was so hot. And… Mr.James passed by, Again. I OMG was so amazed that I just said

“Oh, hello!”

Well as he don’t recognized because of my height, he was so amazed too and just “ah!”. But, Jesus, he smiled, and because he much more taller than me, his face like sunshine, OMG.

*laid down* http://eemoticons.net