18.04: Otoyomegatari

by FB

    Otoyomegatari: Set on the Silk Road that connected Asia with Europe before the modern times.

    My eyes are much more terrible. It’s high time for me to stop reading in computer since 15.03 but I just kept its pinned there day by day.

    I had thought about stopping last Monday. Well, I actually gave up reading danmeis, fanfictions, etc. But Hell is that I can’t stand-off Glee or things-remind-your-kitchen that always on telecast.

    Yesterday, I downloaded a DC game, and fulfill the waiting time by reading Gutenberg. And today, I just found the light’s shinning in Amir eyes, major character of Otoyomegatari. Oh my lord, her eyes were so beautiful, they’re sparking and always remind me of Mediterranean.

    Oh, I think I’m ruining my eyes.