by FB

    Someday ago, RV said ’cause of my lack of words, things I wrote is easy to read and easy to think, umm, and always non-sense.
    Well, I think what (s)he said is right in someway. Even in real life, I’m not good at speaking to people. Not because of shyness, just the topic full of think I’m fed up with.

    When I was in high school, I’m sure it was by the time of mid-term or end term, several stupid events occurred to me. First, I had a bad mark at English, 4, my main teacher was so strict and ambitious, she care any marks her class got on weeks. She scared whole class on 3 years, I remembered her as Sue in Glee :)). Second, I got in trouble with the rule, I brought a comic book to class and it was impounded by the proctor. Finally, my project for the reducing electric use competition late for 5′ =]] Yes, 5 minutes, not kidding. Anyway, the secretary admitted all mistakes to her, thanks for her kindness, even it’s a trick, too :).

    Well, turn back to the story, my stupid event, the teacher said I couldn’t do the exam if I had that bad mark, blah blah blah. I was so angry and wonder … if a car could crash on her =]]. Luck for her, she wouldn’t have been crashed on because one of my neighbor was a teacher in school, my home nearby so many schools so as many teacher lives here, she couldn’t do a thing on me *evil smile*.

    Ah, about the reducing electric use competition, I waited for 5′ just before the ending time. The staff members always go home soon to avoid rush hour =]]. Of course 5′ before the ending time, it was no one there. Ms.Linh said she ‘walk’ slowly enough to stall the deadline but couldn’t help.