by FB

Well, tables’ useless in mobile. Fleur de lys, as known, take the 1st, lilies, even they can’t appear in mobile =]].

Long time ago, I thought that vintage is thing with more and more layouts fleur de lys place upon others :), or maybe drawn fleur de lys in more detail. I love both them, they’re super chic. However, floral emblem of F for me is much more beautiful. I myself love it because nothing could remind me about the world I want to reach as good as itself, specially this year.

Ah, just recognized today is badluck day. Not for me but maybe for someones else, like N.Korean. I don’t know what to say but I feel poor for the way they tried to reach to that high. I thought before the launch ‘Oh, they want launch a rocket to orbit, that is so good! Even the price of this is much too high for life’s of people in NK, they could make the world’s thinking of the last NK a good change.’ But then, without the agreement of other countries, N.Korea failed. R.I.P.

Aw, the weather today is so bad, I had to use electric fan even by the time last year I needn’t. Such think like global warming, greenhouse effect, etc make me sick, what about Environment treating, or People behaviour < don't they notice?