03.04 Nouns

by FB


  • Noun is a word that can be used to describe (refer to) a person or place or thing.


  • Simple root
  • Derived: root + affix
  • Compoundnoun
  • Commond: countable, uncountable, collective (group, team,..).
  • Proper

Function: 7 kinds

  • Subject
  • Direct object
  • Indirect object
  • Subject complement
  • Object complement
  • Apposition to another noun
  • Vocative

Invariation noun

  • Nouns are singular only

Uncountable noun

Abstract noun

Most proper noun

  • Nouns are plural only

Without s ending: cattle, people

With s ending: earphones, pants

Others ending in s

Possesion (nouns’, noun’s, of + noun)

  • Preferred: Herry’s age
  • Used with some other names: New York’s life
  • Used with common nouns identify with people: the company’s profits