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by FB

Amazing, I don’t know one on earth is just like me *scream*

… Should I perfect my English before I learn French?

I’m not a native speaker of English. I can think in English fluently but when it comes to speaking it’s not that excellent. But I love French so much, I was thinking improve English first before I move on to other language as English is most important, so I put French on hold, however, one year passed, my English is still on the same level 🙂 Shame on me. Maybe I’m not focus enough.

Please give me some advice!

Thank you.

Have a good day!…

Then Robbie answered her like

I think every language learner can attest to this experience in some way. At the beginning, you get some language materials to learn your new language and the thought of fluent speech coming out your mouth fills you with excitement. Maybe you study for a week or even a month but eventually those language materials you bought end up in the back of your closet until a year later when you run into them again and brush the dust off, wondering what happened to that original excitement.

If you feel that excitement to learn a new language but just find your materials collecting dust, you will not reach fluency any time soon.

One of the most powerful language learning strategies is the habit. A habit is a repeated action over an extended period of time that does not require great amounts of effort on your part to start each time.

Thanks to the different language learning materials made available, it is easy to create a language learning habit by combining these materials with activities you already do.

When you eat breakfast in the morning, you can leave a basic grammar book where you eat and read a few pages as you eat your morning meal. If you go jogging each day, listen to an audio program in your target language. Try sitting down for 20 minutes right after you finish dinner and look over a website or a book written in your new language.

Linking language learning to habits that you have already established each day will ensure that you keep putting time in the language day after day.

If you can create a habit of just spending 30 minutes a day in your new language, you will find that after a year, you will have improved rather than simply have lost your language materials to the back of your closet.

You can study both French and English at the same time but to insure your success, make sure you link a habit to something you already do each day. You will find that after another year has passed, instead of wondering why you are still at the same level, you will have improved greatly.