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my stomach is aching like crazy

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I don’t know if this was because I ate something nasty. I keep burping and it smells like babies burps or the burps you have after eating porridge and drinking soda, in short, it’s smell horrible.

I didn’t finish half of my dinner but up till now I haven’t feel hungry at all, not even an urge of wanting to eat. My stomach is full of gas, it won’t stop gurgling and make me feel like something is popping inside. I’m having diarrhea. I though flush the food out of my system will work but nope, no help. I’m thinking of soaking in hot water, t just I don’t even want to move now. uugh, luckily I’m not having my period.

hope tomorrow it’ll get better

If only no degree is needed when one goes search for a job

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That is what I am thinking right now. Like, all you need is your pros and cons and your experiences one the field that you’re going to work in.

I want a sustainable job, and a major number of all the jobs listed online are mostly ask for at least a good qualified degree. For example, I recently go to a learning language online website, Duolingo. They ask for their volunteers to have qualification on the language the volunteers are going to contribute in. I mean, what can you do to show your fluency in your own mother tongue if not for smoothly communicate to your people. I myself a Vietnamese, I’ve been using the language my since I was born up till now; and to be honest, I never imagine having any certificate that I’m fluent in Vietnamese.

Moreover, most students graduated from their school or university are pretty novice in their field, and they need to get experiences. I believe most company don’t give much hope on the newbie; but, if you are not willing to try things out, how can you think a novice like us could ever show off out experiences.

All I want to say it, to me, showing you able to get a job is hard, but getting a job is even harder. Some enterprise may ask for unrealistic things from their employee.

So yeah, brace yourselves! Recruit season is coming!!!

Kẽ hở trong một vụ án của Tẩy oan tạp lục

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A local peasant from a Chinese village was found murdered, hacked to death by a hand sickle. The use of a sickle, a tool used by peasants to cut the rice at harvest time, suggested that another local peasant worker had committed the murder. The local magistrate began the investigation by calling all the local peasants who could be suspects into the village square. Each was to carry their hand sickles to the town square with them. Once assembled, the magistrate ordered the ten-or-so suspects to place their hand sickles on the ground in front of them and then step back a few yards. The afternoon sun was warm and as the villagers, suspects, and magistrates waited, bright shiny metallic green flies began to buzz around them in the village square. The shiny metallic colored flies then began to focus in on one of the hand sickles lying on the ground. Within just a few minutes many had landed on the hand sickle and were crawling over it with interest. None of the other hand sickles had attracted any of these pretty flies. The owner of the tool became very nervous, and it was only a few more moments before all those in the village knew who the murderer was. With head hung in shame and pleading for mercy, the magistrate led the murderer away. The witnesses of the murder were the brightly metallic colored flies known as the blow flies which had been attracted to the remaining bits of soft tissue, blood, bone and hair which had stuck to the hand sickle after the murder was committed. The knowledge of the village magistrate as to a specific insect group’s behavior regarding their attraction to dead human tissue was the key to solving this violent act and justice was served in ancient China

Cách suy luận có một vài lỗ hổng như sau
Về che dấu hung khí:
Nếu thực sự là người nông dân đó giết người bằng liềm, và cứ cho rằng anh ta đã rửa sạch hung khí, thì mùi máu tươi vẫn có thể thu hút côn trùng.
Tuy nhiên, sinh vật luôn có thiên địch, ruồi nhặng này chắc cũng không phải ngoại lệ, nếu kẻ giết người tìm nhựa một loại cây cỏ, hoặc dịch một sinh vậy khác bôi lên hung khí thì cũng loại được khả năng có ruồi bu lên liềm của anh ta. Thực tế thì khả năng anh ta lo toạn được dến bước này là không cao, tuy nhiên với một người làm chuyện ác thì cũng đều bị ám ảnh và có xu hướng đề phòng.

Những người làm nghề đồ tể hay nữ nhi đến tuổi dạy thì (=))) chắc chắn dều biết cách tẩy mùi máu trên đồ vật và vải. Mặc dù khả năng một người làm nông lân la hỏi thăm cách tẩy mùi máu ở những người này có vẻ không thực tế lắm. dù sao thì tại khoảng thời gian của vụ án này, việc những người không cùng phường nghề hỏi thăm nhau cũng hiếm lạ.

Cách cuối cùng có thể dùng để che dấu hung khí là tự tạo ra một vết thương không nghiêm trọng cho chính mình hoặc con vật nào đó (ai đó cũng có thể) bằng hung khí, mục đích tạo hành động tương tự với mức độ nghiêm trọng nhỏ hơn để đánh lạc hướng. Ví dụ một người đắc tội một băng hắc đạo, bị trừng phạt bằng cách dùng dao đặc chế khắc lên tay; ai nhìn thấy dấu dao này sẽ tự động chấm dứt viecj làm ăn với người đó; nạn nhân, vì vậy không muốn liên tục sinh ý, sẽ phải tạo một vết thương lớn hơn hoặc một vết bỏng làm xóa đi dấu vết cũ. Cũng như vậy, viwwcj hung thủ ở vụ án ban đầu, vô tình phi liềm qua một con gà hay do sơ ý lúc cầm liềm mà cắt vào bắp chân sẽ dễ tha thứ hơn việc anh ta cố ý giết người.

Về che dấu hùng thủ:

Xin lỗi các hạ
Muỗi đốt đầy chân ngộ
Ngộ phải chui vòa màn ngay, hẹn cac shaj hồi sau giãi bày


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“It’s also my birthday, … just so you know.”

Wardrobe Essentials Worth the Investment

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Originally posted on The Laurenge:


I recently asked one of my favorite stylists what pieces are worth investing in. She said:

1. A Leather Jacket

Even the most casual outfit with a white tee and jeans will look a lot more put together if you throw a leather jacket over.

Zara Biker Jacket

2. Black Jeans

These are essential. They’re perfect for transitioning from day to night. She recommends Acne or Rag & Bone. However, I’ve found an alternative that a few Youtubers have raved about. Still not cheap but it’s better than having jeans that will lose their shape and color in the long run.

AcneTop Shop

3. A Classic Bag

She recommends one with a shape that isn’t too trendy. There are so many options. Designer bags are up there on my “things to buy when I get a stable job” list. For now, I guess I’ll stick to a structured…

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10.06 angry tuesday

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know what worst, my mother personality

because become a someone’s parent doesn’t make a bad personality turn good, yes it’s true

and selfish is a bad personality and arrogant, too

so yeah that how a person with bad characteristic won’t make a big deal of her offspring no matter fuck the what

Sochi 2014: Day -1 – Yuzu is the cutest!

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this is it, this is my preciouslittleJapansportlover, why my life fill so many sport anime I don’t need exercise anymore

Originally posted on My Pigeon-Toed Life:

I think the Winter Olympics may legitimately make my list of Top 5 Favorite Things. I’m not sure what else would be on this list, perhaps bacon and cartoons, but nothing gets me more pumped than this quadrennial celebration of sport. Yes I know you can see an Olympics every second year but the summer edition just isn’t the same. Not to knock the Summer Olympics, but I am a proud Canadian and as our Olympic slogan says #WeAreWinter. I can guarantee that across our country (& definitely in my home) Sochi 2014 will be almost a religion. I am ready to fanatically watch and check the standings of sports I normally don’t even watch. I know I will pour over medal counts, analyze rivalries and will become obsessed with athletes I’ve previously never heard of. I won’t even start on how crazy I’ll be about my sport (aka figure…

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Gen IV: Heartgold and Soulsilver freeze on emulator

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I still remember the precious time with Pearl, Diamond, Platine and the remakes of gen II

But to repeat the title once more time: you can never play Heartgold and Soulsilver on No$gba nor any emulator because is gonna crash and freeze before you can reach to the 1st gym. And NO, NO action replay code will help you, so needn’t find them.

Instead, why don’t search for PerfectHeart and PerfectSoul at pokemonproject (I’m sorry I don’t really remember the website name but Google will help you the most) and try the desmume emulator (I think any version will do but the later the better)

Search for it, the person created PerfectHeart and PerfectSoul will give you the best instruction to install the games and also the advance of playing gen II’s remakes without got some freeze or crash

Pokemon trade using emulators experiences, trust me, I played them all

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I started play PKM since 3 years ago, about 2011 or something, so this post can (cannot) be that out of trend though

Gen I & gen II: the emulator you need in trading is probably TGB_Dual, VBA might be a good emulator to play on since it won’t suddenly go freeze but can never be use to trade, the same goes with VBAlink. So to trade between gen I & II, stop searching for any go with VBA or else you waste your time.

I use TGB_Dual and it works amazingly, also, to stop TGB from freezing, “don’t ever minimize its windows”, if you want not to see the windows at that time (coz someone suddenly go to the room or idk), just open another window, anything to hide the TGB_dual window, but don’t ever minimize it

You just go to the pokecenter, prepare what pkm you want to trade and ask for the clerk at the right (gen I) or the back at 2nd floor (gen II), you probably know it too well now ;3
Also, the in-game trade option is different between two gen so you might get a bit clumsy at 1st but don’t worry, it gonna be too well though

Gen III: so remember I said you can never use “VBA” to trade between gen I & II, well, now you can use it for gen III easily. Just make sure
1. your VBA version has a Link option at the Options (of course), then open two window of your gen III that you want to trade
2. check wireless adapted
3. 1st window: Options> Link> Setting> tab General> check Network; tab Server> check TCP> press Start
2nd window: Options> Link> Setting> tab General> check Network;tab Client> press Connect

trade freely all the pkm you want; however, the gen III will ask you for being the host or the guests, choose to be the host first will be easier

I haven’t trade in gen IV and are planning on trade in V
you might not success at the 1st attempt but try it again, make sure you use the right emulator and all the things, I’ll update the trade in gen V as soon as I can get it out clearly

Good so much luck

Records of the grand historian

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so I’m reading the Records of the grand historian by Sima Qian

is so much amazing and gorgeous and precious (cute) for a girl like me, but still reading though, if you love book, then find the best translation of this book in your language and read it

I will just list it at uncategorized, now think about it, I haven’t have any category for stuffs I read anyway


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